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CARNet at the Croatian Internet Days '98

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Papers presented at Croatian Internet Days '98

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The Croatian Internet Days were held in Rijeka on 4 and 5 June 1998. The event consisted of two sessions - the first one, entitled The Future of the Internet, discussed new technologies and the direction of the development of the Internet in Croatia, while the other, under the title Why the Internet?, dealt with its practical value.

At the Croatian Internet Days, CARNet employees gave two talks. Within the first session, Mr. Zoran Bekic, Deputy Director of CARNet, talked about Internet - Network of Computers or People. In his paper, Mr. Bekic stressed that the Internet has to be open and accessible to all, and that no individual, organization or government should be allowed to dominate it. He also announced that, while continuing to further the computing and communication infrastructure and its services, CARNet will also work actively on pilot-projects, experimental applications, and the promotion and development of the information services market.

As part of the second session, Mr. Zoran Vlah, Director of CARNet's Pilot Projects Division, presented CARNet Projects. The presentation drew special attention to the following projects: Telemedicine in Heart Stimulation, Museum Documentation Centre, and Automatic Telescope of the Visnjan Observatory.

To learn more about CARNet's projects, see http://www.carnet.hr/projects, while you will find the pages devoted to the Croatian Internet Days at http://www.multilink.hr/hdi98.