CARNet Annual Survey Results Published (24 April, 1998)
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CARNet Annual Survey Results Published

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Interview with Zoran Bekic, Deputy Director of CARNet (Croatian language only)

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ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode)

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At the end of each year, CARNet requests that its member institutions file a report about their usage of networking and computing resources provided by CARNet. The surveys distributed to member institutions, their CARNet coordinators and system administrators are designed to collect additional information useful in determining and solving user needs. As in previous years, the survey was conducted by CARNet's Customer Service.

Mr. Zoran Bekic, M.Sc., Deputy Director of CARNet:

CARNet is most satisfied with the results of the survey. Though this will have no negative effect upon our self-criticism, I have to note that in many aspects we at CARNet are even more critical towards the results of our work than our users are. The results of the assessment of the entire scope of CARNet's activities, as well as its individual segments, is exceptionally positive.

Out of the 139 surveys sent out to member institutions, 127 replies were received. The feedback coming from CARNet coordinators and system administrators working at those institutions was somewhat weaker. The institutions were ranked in four categories - universities, institutes, other full-fledged members, and associate members.

Most of the interviewees pointed out they would expected, in the near future, broadening of the bandwidth between CARNet and the rest of the Internet, an increase in the number of public dial-in access points, and more speedy connections with CARNet members not yet part of its ATM backbone.

This year's results are publicly accessible via the World Wide Web at