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CARNet novosti (CARNet News, CN) are the project with the aim to establish and maintain the information service with the news about the CARNet institution and network, as well as the archive and the chronological review of the past events. This service is intended for all those who want to be better informed about whats new and whats going on in the CARNet community.

As the addition to recording all the important events in CARNet community, CARNet novosti are publishing interviews with CARNet officials and users, announcing future events and happenings and publishing reports and materials from various meetings and technical lectures.

In the two years of its existence, CARNet novosti have published about two hundred of various documents on the Web. Among the recorded and reviewed events were many important events for the CARNet community, like putting into the operation the first CARNet ATM links or the beginning of the practice of distance learning in Croatia.

Also, the CARNet novosti experimental Web channel was established in 1997 as an effort to improve the quality and the speed of delivering the news about the CARNet community to the interested users.


(August 1998)